Essential Recruiting Metrics

Essential Recruiting Metrics: From Startup to Enterprise

In this Webinar You Will Learn:

  • What are effective recruiting metrics, what makes them work, and why they are crucial to today’s shifting recruitment landscape;
  • What recruiting metrics really measure and which ones you should / shouldn’t use;
  • The potential pitfalls from solely relying on ‘traditional’ recruiting metrics;
  • How recruiting metrics can directly impact your bottom line; and
  • How you can measure results that create a long-term, positive impact within your organization.

Our 3 expert panelists will share their experiences around how focusing on recruiting metrics has helped shaped their own organizations – whether in the startup ecosystem; in the world of professional services; or at the enterprise level where productivity, retention, efficiency and candidate performance are constantly scrutinized.

If you plan to grow your team and build a sustainable business you won’t want to miss this.

Why Sourcing Needs to be Key to Your Recruitment Strategy

Why Sourcing Needs to be Key to Your Recruitment Strategy


What You Will Learn

  • What is involved in an effective sourcing process
  • What to expect when working with an expert candidate sourcer; and
  • Why a sourcing strategy should be at the forefront of your recruiting efforts.
Live Q&A With a Panel of ‘Power Loopers’

Live Q&A With a Panel of ‘Power Loopers’


  • What makes a winning proposal?
  • What should you be covering on a discovery call?
  • How do you create an eye catching Campaign Page?
  • How do you set a competitive hourly rate?
  • How can you really make the platform work for you?
  • How do you juggle your own business and RecruitLoop?
  • How do you nail your RecruitLoop elevator pitch?
  • What are the most common objections and how do you overcome them?
  • What are Loop challenges?
  • What’s a proactive proposal?

Like I said … you can ask them anything!

Bring your questions along and ask them live, or send in your questions ahead of time and the panel will respond.

The panel will be moderated by Paul Slezak, Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace (oh … and wannabe talk show host!)

How to Manage and Engage Remote Teams

How to Manage and Engage Remote Teams

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to manage teams in remote locations;
  • How to engage remote team members and keep them motivated; and
  • Lessons and war stories from experts who have managed hundreds of remote team members.

We’ll be joined by Fraser Stark, VP Talent & Director of Consumer Markets at Influitive, as well as Whitney Naquin, HR Generalist at GitHub together with Sam Lambert, Director of Technology at GitHub. All three panelists have extensive experience managing remote teams in locations across the US as well as internationally.

They will share their experiences and insights gained from managing distributed teams, as well as their tips on what it takes to keep remote team members engaged.

How to Build Your RecruitLoop Business Entirely Through Referrals

How to Build Your RecruitLoop Business Entirely Through Referrals


In this “RecruitLoop Live” Q&A session, we’ll be speaking with Carolyn Reinholdt – founder and independent recruiter with Talent Maven, RecruitLoop recruiter, and also Director Consultant for BNI San Francisco West Bay.

Carolyn has been an active member of BNI for many years and has also held various leadership roles and today is responsible for helping launch new BNI chapters. All the while she has grown a very successful independent recruitment business based entirely on referrals from her BNI network.

Join us for this live chat with Carolyn and you will learn:

  • What BNI is all about, and why it is so well suited to RecruitLoop recruiters;
  • The concept of “givers gain” and the power of a strong referral network; and
  • How to build a successful recruitment business based entirely on referrals.