Announcing Sourcing as a Service!

Sourcing as a Service accelerates your internal hiring efforts, with customized candidate sourcing for targeted outreach.

We take care of critical yet time-consuming ‘top of funnel’ sourcing tasks for both Hiring Managers and Recruiters freeing your time to pitch and close qualified candidates!

September: High fives, shout outs, and celebrations!

We’re deep into October, but we’re still remembering the big wins of September! It was a record month for RecruitLoop in many ways, and we have all of you and your hard work to thank for it!

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of who we’re celebrating and why! We’ve got recruiter graduations, project first-timers, and some outstanding client feedback to showcase! Huge congratulations, high fives, and shout outs to everyone featured here. We’re feeling like winners these days, and that’s all because YOU are all such winners!


Recruiters’ commissions evolve as you complete more projects and reach higher levels. This month we have 2 hardworking new graduates who tipped the scale to reach a new level!


Teresa Romanovsky

Teresa Romanovsky is one of our accounting specialists in Sydney, and she’s loved by clients looking to hire senior accounting roles. Clients always appreciate her honest feedback and market expertise.

Elena Denza

Elena is a Sydney-based recruiter who’s done work from as far away as Italy! She’s a dedicated and patient recruiter, with plenty of repeat clients.



Christie Heiner

Christie Heiner is one of the original recruiters on our platform, and we’re very excited that she has reached this milestone. Christie is a recruitment champion in Australia’s real estate market, and works with all of the major real estate firms across the country. Big congratulations go out to Christie for completing 100 projects! And extra congratulations are in order, as she’s recently been married as well! In the words of Paul, “go you good thing!”

Project “First Timers”

Let’s have a big round of applause for these 3 recruiters who launched their first RecruitLoop project in September. Looking forward to see celebrating your accomplishments as you grow your business!

Lynda Devon Black Clare Phelan Michael Burwell Staci Witten
Lynda Devon Black
Clare Phelan
Michael Burwell
Staci Witten

Top Ten Recruiters for September 2015

Jeff Daspit Jonathan Buzelan Rebecca Martinez Kim Acworth Anne Downing
Jeff Daspit
Jonathan Buzelan
Rebecca Martinez
Kim Acworth
Anne Downing
Diarmuid Sexton
Diarmuid Sexton
Tatiana Wicke
Christie Heiner
Ian Millar
Mark Israel

Shout-Outs for outstanding client feedback

Client feedback is the ultimate recommendation for any recruiter, and we’re very excited to showcase feedback for so many recruiters this month. We ask clients to rate recruiters on a series of metrics, and these 4 scored 100% across the board! Special shout-out goes to Andrea and Trish who make their first appearance in this section. Here’s a snippet of some of the feedback we’ve had.

“This was our first experience using RecruitLoop and it definitely won’t be our last. Getting an employee who fits your company’s needs can be a challenging and frustrating task. Thanks to RecruitLoop, and our recruiter Tamara Blythman, the process was simple but effective. Tamara was the ultimate professional and working with her was a pleasure. I would (and already have), highly recommend RecruitLoop (specifically Tamara) to anyone trying to outsource the hiring process..”



“I can’t say enough about Kim, she is an extremely proficient recruiter. On this occasion she helped find and book interviews for three excellent candidates while reducing effort involved on my part. Can’t recommend her services enough.”




“Jonathan was quickly able to find us strong SAs. He listens very intently and gets exactly what is needed and then works very hard and fast to find the right people. We had been trying to hire those roles for 3-4 months and Jonathan was able to help us find 2 strong SAs in a matter of weeks.”




“James’ commitment to understanding both what a business needs and a potential employee, I believe gives us the best chance of finding the right talent for the role.
James’ hiring process has restored confidence in our business being able to find the right people for the job in a highly competitive landscape.”



“Andrea Wasser is an experienced recruiter and was great to work with on some searches we were doing in Asia. She has a strong network in the region and was able to get candidates we would normally not be able to find. I strongly recommend Andrea for US or international focused searches.”




“Trish was exceptional to work with. She took the time to understand our business and the job role we were looking to fill. Trish’s experience and enthusiasm provided assurance that we were going to achieve a great outcome – and we did! Thanks Trish.”




If you know of anyone who you think deserves a congratulations, high-five or shout-out, then let us know by emailing We’d love to include them here!