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A Rock-Solid Interview Template For Employers

Job Interview Template and Guided Framework

Interviewing can be a time-consuming process. As an employer, you need to be properly prepared to get the most from every interview.

A well-structured interview will help you ask the right questions to every candidate, ensuring a consistent hiring process. This means better decisions.

Running a Structured Interview

Without a structured interview format, without asking the right questions, and without taking sufficient notes in order to be able to compare candidates, you may well find yourself making a poor hiring decision.

But how many times have you found yourself running into an interview, last minute, wondering what questions to ask?

Unfortunately, we see too many employers running unstructured interviews. As the name would suggest, a disjointed approach can lead to an inexperienced interviewer losing focus (and control) of the process.  What’s worse, the candidate will often walk out feeling like the interview was a complete waste of time.

With most interviews running less than an hour, it’s critical to make the most of this time in front of your candidate. You need to extract the right information, while also leaving a positive impression about running a tight process.

This can be achieved by collecting, confirming and clarifying as much information as possible through thorough questioning.

For a more inexperienced interviewer, a structured interview allows you to work systematically through a set of predetermined questions and take sufficient notes, to benchmark all candidates against the same set of criteria.

A Few Handy Tips

Remember to think carefully about your line of questioning:

  • Ask open ended questions
  • Avoid asking leading questions
  • Don’t ask multiple questions
  • Ensure the candidate talks about their past experience

And finally … in order to nail your interview, remember to refer to your list of questions, remain objective and take sufficient notes on all responses. Believe it or not if you make it too easy for someone to get through an interview, they may not want the job as much. If you make it more challenging, they’ll want it more.

A Free Template to Download

You’ll find everything you need to run a consistent interview every time in our new guide: A Rock Solid Interview Template and Guided Framework.

You’ll receive:

  • A rock-solid framework to use in any interview
  • A guided example of interview notes and questions
  • A blank template to print and use when conducting your next interview.

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