Announcing Sourcing as a Service!

Sourcing as a Service accelerates your internal hiring efforts, with customized candidate sourcing for targeted outreach.

We take care of critical yet time-consuming ‘top of funnel’ sourcing tasks for both Hiring Managers and Recruiters freeing your time to pitch and close qualified candidates!

RecruitLoop’s End of Financial Year Offer

In Australia the End of Financial Year is less than a week away.

This time of year is typically full of offers to help businesses make the most of this period of budgetary transition.

RecruitLoop is jumping on the bandwagon!

And even though technically it’s only End of Financial Year in Australia, we’ve decided to extend this offer to our clients right around the globe.

Do you have available budget but no immediate hiring needs?

Prepay recruiting credits and receive a 15% discount.

This is perfect if you have budget but no immediate hiring needs.

How does it work?

  • Pre-pay for recruiting time before the end of June 2015 at a 15% discount.
  • Apply these hours to any hiring project any time in the next 6 months.

For example, if you have $8,500 budget remaining, you can prepay $10,000 worth of credits toward expert recruiting support for any time between now and the end if 2015.

It’s only End of Financial Year in Australia, but we’re giving this offer to our clients around the globe.

Interested? Email today.