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The Pros and Cons of Having Robots in the Workplace

Technology is playing a pivotal role in helping humans work more effectively. Here are some of the pros and cons of having robots in the workplace.

8 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Losing key employees can limit productivity, damage morale, and cost as much as (or more than) the departing employee’s salary during the process of finding and training a replacement.

How to Conduct a Proper 30-Day Post-Hire Checkin

New staff members are still fairly vulnerable after a month in their new role. This is why the 30-day post-hire checkin is crucial. You can discuss whether your initial expectations are being met while your...

5 Ways to Improve Workplace Diversity

There are many different tactics to improve workplace diversity. The majority involve shifting the attitude of the executives as well as the employees.

Who Really Needs to get Involved in the Recruitment Process?

Having too many decision makers in the recruitment process can become a hindrance to the point that you might never actually make the hire.

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