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Sourcing as a Service accelerates your internal hiring efforts, with customized candidate sourcing for targeted outreach.

We take care of critical yet time-consuming ‘top of funnel’ sourcing tasks for both Hiring Managers and Recruiters freeing your time to pitch and close qualified candidates!

Download: The Internal Recruiters’ Playbook

Internal Recruiters Playbook



A few weeks ago a colleague of mine who used to be the recruitment manager for a large software developer shared the following anecdote:

My very first ever brief was from an overworked, tired and frustrated database manager who, when I asked what the role entailed, simply replied ‘database programming.’ I guess it was a start! I later took a brief from the development manager who said, ‘If the candidate gets this, they get the job!’, as he pointed to a line of code.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

For Internal Recruiters, the key stakeholders (hiring managers) are often under the pump and expect you to be a mind reader and perform miracles every time.

Meanwhile candidates expect an ‘express’ recruitment process, and the HR department expects the internal recruitment team to fill every vacancy without any external assistance.

Sound familiar?

Here are a few tips and strategies designed for all internal recruiters based on our own past experiences, and many others who are sitting where you are now.

Control the recruitment process

You have to become more forceful with your line managers to ensure they are committed to the role and the process.

The golden rule is ‘commitment first, then effort’ … not the other way around.

If you demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and that you are genuinely committed to getting them the best result you can, you will gain their respect and hopefully, after achieving a successful hire, you will win their trust as well.

Build a talent community

The bigger and more engaged your talent community is, the faster and easier it will be to build a list of qualified candidates for the next opening you have to fill.

Not only will you be able to promote internal opportunities, but you can publish regular content and thought leadership material, which people can comment on and share with others – a perfect way to source and engage with passive talent.

Manage your candidates

Good candidates always have other options, so you need to maintain their interest as much as you can.

Often they won’t have time for lengthy application forms, psychometric testing and screening interviews before meeting the hiring manager. Unless it’s their dream job, the more hoops you make them jump through, the faster their interest in the position may evaporate.

When you do discover a top candidate you must gain their commitment in terms of working with you through the recruitment process.

The Internal Recruiters’ Playbook

If you’re an internal recruiter despair no more.

We have created a guide that will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to recruit the best people, in the least amount of time, within budget, and with the co-operation of everyone involved.

Download ‘The Internal Recruiters’ Playbook” NOW!

Internal Recruiters Playbook




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