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Opening the RecruitLoop Community

Opening the RecruitLoop Community


At RecruitLoop, our vision is to make hiring easy for all companies, with the world’s largest, and highest-quality community of talent professionals.

We started by curating a marketplace of experienced recruiters, and finished 2014 with just over 200 experts averaging more than 10 years’ experience each.

In ‘2014 in RearView‘, I talked about expanding the community. Read More…

What I Wish I’d Known at the Beginning of 2014

What I Wish I’d Known at the Beginning of 2014


It’s becoming a bit of a tradition.

It started off in 2012 as a way for me to help break the ice at the plethora of Christmas parties and networking events I went along to.

Then last year I took it up a notch and assumed the role of a quasi vox pop commentator to help me gather my material.

Maybe it’s the wannabe ‘talk show’ host in me, but I actually like talking to complete strangers and I think catching people off guard is fun. So I thought I’d do it again.

Of course I also asked a few close friends to help out. But I asked everyone exactly the same question. Read More…

Become the Company People Want to Work For

Love your companyDo your employees love your company?

No I mean… really love it. Love it enough that they brag about your products, talk about you endlessly to their friends, and boast about your work on their Facebook profile? Love it so much that they proudly wear the company paraphernalia you dole out at Christmas and conference time? Do they love it this much?

There are companies that make their employees feel this way. Zappos, Toms Shoes, and Apple are just some of the brand names that spring to mind when we think of companies that employees love. Love isn’t just reserved for the Big Guys doing New Things, though. Every company has the potential to make employees feel this way. What is it that companies who are loved by their employees do differently? Read More…

Hire Smart Event LinkedIn Intuit

Hey SMBs, LinkedIn Wants More of Your Business

Hire Smart Event LinkedIn Intuit

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner opening the Hire Smart Event

LinkedIn held the first ‘Hire Smart‘ event in partnership with Intuit, at Mountain View over the weekend. Targeted directly at small business, it was the first major attempt to reach out in person to a segment that makes up a small but growing proportion of revenue.

Many SMBs perceive LinkedIn as a tool for big corporates. The pricing on many LinkedIn products certainly supports this view. $10,000 for a single ‘recruiter’ seat is out of reach for most growing companies. But make no mistake: if you’re an SMB, LinkedIn is going after a greater share of your hiring budget.

How do they plan to do it? Through a combination of new products, and more proactive marketing of existing tools.

1. Direct job advertising

Job ads are still the biggest source of candidates for small business, and LinkedIn wants a piece of this pie. As an SMB, you can advertise your role on LinkedIn in a similar way to any other job board. One major hurdle: a single ad will set you back $395 – in San Francisco at least (pricing differs by the location of the role). I suspect many SMBs (in a large number of industries) will struggle to justify this expense, compared to free postings (Craigslist) or lower cost on other networks.

Cost: $395 per ad (discounts for bulk purchase).

2. Targeted advertising

With this feature, LinkedIn will display your ad directly to candidates fitting the profile, regardless of whether they are searching for a new role. Ads can be shown in the sidebar of a candidates LinkedIn page, or in direct emails sent out to jobseekers. If this feature was included in the overall pricing for a job ad, it would be a killer feature (and could justify the price point for SMBs). Unfortunately, it’s a paid ‘extra’ on top of a job ad.

Is it worth the extra cost? That will depend on your industry and role. The key here is getting your opportunity in front of ‘passive’ candidates, who aren’t actively seeking new roles. If recruiting for a critical role in your SMB, this could be exactly the feature you need.

Cost: ~$2 per click.

3. Company pages

Your company page on LinkedIn is tied to any ad you post. It’s effectively your second ‘careers’ page. And also a place to promote your products and services. A tip: invest time in building a hot profile. It’s (mostly) free, and any potential candidates from LinkedIn are likely to click here first, even before you website. For larger companies, LinkedIn does provide paid features to unlock premium display and analytics.

Cost: Free (some paid features).

4. Search

LinkedIn search is pretty limited for free accounts. You’ll have few advanced search criteria, and will have a limited number of results for each search. But for paid / premium accounts you can uncover extra search fields and profile information.

For SMBs investing time in ‘passive sourcing’, this could be money well spent. Remember also that this search info isn’t just useful when hiring. LinkedIn is becoming a powerful platform for lead generation, sales and business development.

Cost: from ~$30 per month.

5. Contacts (new feature)

This is a killer feature I’ve been expecting (and hoping) from LinkedIn for years. It effectively adds CRM functionality direct into the platform. Organise your contacts with tags, and add notes and reminders. For most SMBs, this is all the ‘social CRM’ you need.

I can see this being a killer feature for SMBs. I’m already using it actively. But it’s pretty clear where it’s heading. Currently a free feature, I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t a paid/premium service within 12 months. Just keep that in the back of mind before investing too much time and data into it.

Cost: Free (for now).

LinkedIn is becoming a money-making machine. With multiple, healthy revenue streams, it’s the darling of Wall St compared to other tech IPOs in the past 12 months (notably Facebook and Groupon). The need to keep growing revenue will see new products, paid features, and attempts to sell into new segments.

While corporate clients have seemed to be the primary focus, events like Hire Smart are a clear signal LinkedIn is chasing growth at the lower end of town. Their objective is clearly to become an integral part of many different business processes (hiring, sales, business development). If they succeed, I believe most SMBs will see an increasing amount of spend going to the largest professional network.

Can SMBs get a return on this expense? The smart ones will, by using to carefully track metrics like source of hire; response rates for each ad; and overall cost per hire.

But many will throw hard cash against the wall, by jumping on products and features because ‘everyone else is’, without fully analysing or understanding the results. Many SMBs had a similar experience with Google Adwords over the years: a new platform seen as ‘critical’ in the digital economy; serious dollars invested online; vulnerability to new ‘experts’ with glossy ebooks.

And that’s where events like ‘Hire Smart’ from this weekend are critical. It’s encouraging to see LinkedIn making efforts to educate their market, and provide content and value outside their core product offering.

All sessions from the event were live streamed, and will be available online. We’ll link to it once live.

For our own part, check out these 10 no brainers for companies on LinkedIn.


How Well Do You Articulate What You Do?

How Well Do You Articulate What You Do?

Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Phil Preston and Michael Neaylon – cofounders of Presentability. Their opinions are their own.

As established business owners, startups or experienced entrepreneurs we’re often called upon to give some kind of version of an elevator pitch. In fact, if you fall into any of these camps you ideally never stop selling your business, product, service or idea.

There are, however, major costs if you don’t sell yourself, your business, idea or offerings well; from missing out on significant investor funding and strategic alliances to sales opportunities and vendor deals. Read More…

All the Best for the Festive Season

Christmas greeting, new year, business plansHe’s making a list … and checking it twice; Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. Santa Claus is coming to town“!

Over the next few days, kids all over the world will be singing these words as they eagerly await what the fat man in the red suit will leave for them under the tree.

However Santa is not the only one making a list at this time of the year.

Many employers will also be making lists – strategies for the year ahead, business plans, lists of new clients to acquire, new positions to introduce into the business, perhaps even lists of staff whom they feel will be deserving of a salary increase in the new year.

At the same time many employees will be using the Christmas break and time away from work to really assess where they are at in terms of their career. And many lists will be made … the pros and cons of the organisation they are working for; the pros and cons of the boss they are working for (that could well be you); and the pros and cons of other companies they may be thinking about as a potential next place of work.

They will think back over the year and ask themselves whether their employer has been good to them, whether the organisation is allowing them to progress in their career and whether they feel they have developed (personally or professionally) in their current job.

Whatever list you might be making in the days ahead, the RecruitLoop team want to wish you and your family all the best for the festive season.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2013!

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The RecruitLoop Blog has been nominated in the Sydney Writers’ Centre 2012 Best Australian Blogs Competition, celebrating the diversity, power and fun of blogging. With a staggering 1,024 blogs entered, the competition is now closed.

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Why I had to be “kept in the loop”

Hi. My name’s Paul and I’m a recruit-aholic.

I have been in the recruitment game for a long time. In fact when I tell recruiters new to the  industry that when I first started there was no internet, no email, no online job boards, no  mobile phones,and no LinkedIn, the first thing they usually ask is “so how did you actually  recruit“?

Quite amusing really. And that’s all a story for another time. Read More…