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Austin, Texas Femail UX:UI

Top 50 Female UI/UX Designers, Austin, Texas

In an effort to bring some more positive news to the issue of women in tech, and highlight the positive impact so many women are having in this space, last month we sourced the top female engineers in New York.

This month we’ve moved to Austin, to source the top UI/UX Designers in tech. Read More…

How to Get Super Stars to Work Effectively in a Team

How to Get Super Stars to Work Effectively in a Team

Editor’s Note: Guest post by Micheal GilmoreMicheal is a blogger and team-building coach. He’s psyched about marketing, business, blogging, SMM and building fantastic teams. When not doing that he’s writing for ResumesplanetHis opinions are his own.

One of the goals every single company or business strives towards is to put together an all-star team, gathering all of the best professionals from several disciplines, and having them achieve amazing things. However, while that approach has many merits, it’s not exactly perfect. Super star employees which are the best at what they do often have a hard time collaborating with one another. Read More…

Why sourcing needs to be a key part of your recruitment strategy

Why Sourcing Needs to be Key to Your Recruitment Strategy

Do you know the difference between sourcing and recruiting?

While the concept of actually finding people has become much easier in recent years, finding the right people has become increasingly more challenging. Finding all of them is even harder. As such, knowing how to effectively source talent is now more important than ever before.

Today the recruiting landscape is fundamentally different and yet everyone still wants to find that needle in the haystack. There is a massive talent shortage which makes sourcing even more critical. Read More…


Introducing Sourcing as a Service

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new product at RecruitLoop – Sourcing as a Service. It’s an entirely new product for us as a company, developed in response to a clear market need and feedback from both sides of our marketplace. We’ve been testing it privately over the past few months, and the response has been phenomenal. Read More…

Attracting Top Talent

6 Smart Moves to Help You Recruit the Best Talent

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Kate Bones – a recruitment and HR expert with UK based Check Director. Her opinions are her own.

Don’t expect recruiting to get easier anytime soon.

The candidate pool isn’t going to explode, so if you’re on the lookout for quality hires you should revamp your hiring strategy, starting now.

Here are 6 smart moves to help you recruit the best talent out there. Read More…

Top Female Developers in New York City

Top 50 Female Full Stack Developers in New York City

In an effort to bring some more positive news to the issue of women in tech, and highlight the positive impact so many women are having in this space, last month we sourced the top female engineers in San Francisco.

This month we’ve moved to New York City, to source the top full stack developers in tech. Read More…


7 Ways to Engage Top Talent

It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small business or large corporation – talent is key to achieving your business goals.

Needless to say, there are many companies competing with you for acquiring talents, so if you keep on relying on recruiting methods which aren’t adjusted to this target, you might simply lose them to other opportunities.

Engaging talent isn’t something that just happens – whether it’s attracting new talents or maintaining those who currently work at your company, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to become an enterprise which offers an attractive work environment and culture.

Here are 7 foolproof ways for engaging top talent. Read More…

Candidates with other offers

9 Ways To Close Top Candidates With Multiple Offers

You have finally made an offer to a rockstar candidate only to have them turn around and tell you that they are considering a couple of other offers.

Time to panic, right? After all, if they turn you down, you’ll have to start the process all over again.

To make things even worse, while they compare your opportunity against their other options, your other candidates are accepting jobs elsewhere. If you’re not careful, you’ll be back to square one. Read More…

Top Female Engineers in the Bay Area

Top 50 Female Front-End Engineers In San Francisco

The low representation of women in the tech sector has been one of the biggest issues of 2015. It’s a huge, important issue with a range of contributing factors.

Companies of all sizes are under pressure to increase diversity in their teams. Particularly in their tech teams.

But how can they go about doing this?

We don’t claim to be experts on the issue of diversity in tech. But we are seeing a huge increase in the number of companies looking to proactively identify and attract a more diverse range of candidates. This is an area we do know something about.

When a company has a very specific type of candidate they want to hire, it should influence every step of their hiring process. One of the most important steps happens at the very beginning, and it’s called sourcing.

Sourcing is the process of identifying the specific characteristics of your ideal candidate, then finding as many people who meet that criteria as possible.

At RecruitLoop, we’ve created a very specific sourcing algorithm and process to help companies do this, anywhere in the world. We call it Sourcing as a Service. Read More…

Recruiters can find better candidates

6 Reasons Why Recruiters Really Can Find Better Candidates

extinction photo

The days of a recruiter hoarding the contact details of the best passive candidates are long gone, destroyed by the accessibility of LinkedIn, Google, and a host of other online platforms. Today there is a growing feeling that hiring companies and recruiters are on level playing fields now.

For someone who has been in the recruitment game for 20+ years, it almost seems a bit scary to ask whether there really is a need for recruiters any more?

There’s no doubt that the recruitment game has changed and is due for further disruption in the years ahead. In fact, we’re quite proud to have contributed to some of that ourselves with our model of on-demand recruiting.

However, is it true that the role of a recruiter is headed for actual extinction? At what point does the fact that anyone and their dog can do a LinkedIn search or conduct a background check mean it’s time to just throw out the role (and expense!) of a recruiter altogether?

These questions hone on what it is that businesses really want to know: is there any value in spending cash on recruiters? Surely you – or someone on staff – could do that just as well as they can, right?

Not quite.

Don’t let the ease of accessing a person’s resume fool you. Just because you can walk into a food store and buy ingredients doesn’t make you a world-class chef. There’s a lot more to soufflé than buying eggs, and there’s a lot more to finding the right candidate than simply scouring resumes.

A professional, seasoned, and innovative recruiter will always find better candidates than you could find yourself, and the time they spend to get those results is worth at least their hourly rate. Here’s why:

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1. They’re personally connected to the people you want ‘in’ with

What’s the best way to get a conversation with a potential candidate? (Hint: it’s not through LinkedIn’s InMail…) It’s by contacting them through people they know. And who knows the most people in a particular industry? A seasoned recruiter.

As a hiring manager, you can’t be expected to attend networking meetings for java engineers and events managers and sales people. After all, you’re flat out just going to your own meet ups … not to mention running your business! A recruiter properly connected to the industry will have strong connections, from both meetings and just simply from having placed a lot of people in a lot of companies throughout their career.

Recruiters are also aware of candidates who are thinking about moving on or candidates that are particularly attracted to your company’s mojo and might consider switching – much easier ‘sells’ than those you’ll find on a LinkedIn search.

2. They have quick access to loads of information

By databases, I don’t mean excel spreadsheets full of candidates’ names. That stuff is outdated. By databases I mean the sheer number of connections a recruiter has; connections they’ve already interviewed and established a rapport with.

A recruiter uses software (like LinkedIn Recruiter) worth tens of thousands of dollars in order to track the movements of hundreds of candidates in the industry. Can you match that sort of knowledge?

Can you pull out the names of 5 potential pre-screened candidates in a matter of minutes? A good recruiter will be able to do this as well as pick those candidates based on a potential match to your culture and organizational goals.

3. They know how to play the game

If you’ve ever sat in front of a blank LinkedIn message, trying to think about what to say to get the potential candidate to reply to you, you’re aware of why good recruiting is a developed skill. Writing a job description that attracts the type of candidate you want is a developed skill. Understanding the type of candidate you need and being able to spot them in an interview is a developed skill.

Good recruiting practices are developed over time and are worth the money you pay for them.

4. They’ve got faster and more accurate filtering mechanisms

Aside from the wondrousness of someone else combing through resumes on your behalf, there’s a lot to be said for the decision making that goes into weeding out candidates. The right recruiter knows what to look for in picking out the best and can navigate around impressive sounding terms to get to the bottom of a candidate’s potential.

Filtering is crucial throughout the process – not just at the resume stage. After working through the results of numerous hires across a long period of time, the more experienced and successful recruiters have a better idea of the true nature of a person and are able to see through the pretty white teeth of a potential misfit.

5. They’ve got that ‘salesy’ thing they do

One of my friends is known as the Candidate Whisperer. She’s got the skill of talking to people about their next career move and convincing them that it is with her client. A recruiter’s sales ability is as crucial as that of a real estate agent. The process of negotiating an agreement between two parties takes navigation and persuasion. It requires an ability to draw out common ground and smooth over worries and concerns.

Just as there’s thousands of dollars of value in a Real Estate transaction, there’s thousands of dollars worth of value in the ability of a recruiter to negotiate and sell on your behalf.

6. They’ve got the legal and process stuff down pat

When it comes to HR, there’s an absolute minefield of stuff that needs to be waded through and there’s not just one company that has ended up in court being sued by someone they didn’t even hire!

Having a recruiter you trust dot the Is and cross the Ts when bringing on a new person will eliminate tons of headaches and risk that you could do something totally, really wrong.

There’s no more reason to throw away recruiters than there is reason to throw away real estate agents. While access to information has been made easier by LinkedIn and other platforms, it doesn’t change the fact that presenting a wonderful candidate on a silver platter requires skills developed from experience and talent.

If you’ve decided you do now need a recruiter, here’s how to spot a good one.

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