4 Things To Consider Before You Interview Any Candidate

4 things to consider before you interview any candidate

Editors Note: This is a guest post written by web journalist Jennifer Landry. Her opinions are her own. Standing in front of a class of college students, it’s more than a little insulting to see faces lit by cellphones, bored looks, or empty seats. You’ve been invited by a friend-of-a-friend to guest lecture the freshman orientation class he’s teaching, and you prepare a … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Have Long Hours, Productivity, AND Fun

play hard work hard

I think I’m one of the luckiest people alive.  I have a job I love in a company that is changing the world (well, the recruitment world, anyway), I have the most awesome co-workers anyone could wish for and I belly laugh every single day I’m in the office. Sometimes I even find myself laughing at home just remembering the thing that made me laugh in the office!  It doesn’t get … [Read more...]

17 Qualities of the Perfect Early Startup Hire

perfect early startup hire

When you're first starting out in a new venture it can be thrilling. Adrenaline-filled. Nerve-wracking. Insomnia-inducing. And that's if all goes well! When you get to the point of needing to hire someone beyond your founding team, this process can be filled with anxiety, too. How do you find someone who believes in your vision as much as you do? Someone who will be able to … [Read more...]

Get Candidates to Apply – Think Like an Online Marketer

Think like an online marketer

You got your snazzy job ad text together with your killer job description, and you're ready to go. You rev up your favorite form-filling software and take a trip through as many job sites as possible. A couple of days pass. Then a week. You aren't hearing a peep from remotely attractive candidates. Chances are, you spent so much time figuring out the perfect job description and … [Read more...]

How The Big Companies Hire

How The Big Companies Hire

So you want to be an Amazon, Google or Apple one day but you’re not quite there yet? The good news is, you can start hiring like them. Hiring practices and philosophies don’t necessarily change the bigger you get. There’s been a number of large shifts in hiring practices amongst big companies (like Google’s move away from brain teaser questions and graduate … [Read more...]

Get Your Jobs Found – Think Like an Online Marketer


Wondering why you’re having a difficult time attracting a waterfall of talent when everyone is still complaining about a tough job market? If your most recent search to hire the next Director of All Things Awesome isn't panning out the way you expected--that stampede didn't exactly knock down your door did it?--we're guessing you may not have considered what Google thinks of … [Read more...]

Do Your Employees Suck? Check Your Job Descriptions.

Know your job description

Maria Sharapova, who can hit a tennis ball well enough to earn a pretty good living, once famously said: “I can't please everyone. That's not in my J.D., you know, not in my job description.”  Lucky Maria, she knows what her job is well enough to be able to confidently tell people what it isn’t.  So what does Maria have that many of we mere mortals don’t?  Apart from astounding … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs’ Top Hiring Tip: “Hire The Best”

Steve Jobs

Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Keith Tatley – Founder of Manager Foundation. His opinions are his own. The raison d'etre of management is two things:  get good staff and manage them effectively. So how important is getting good staff? Vital! In fact former co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs considered hiring the best staff to be your … [Read more...]

Happy Employees: The Key to Growing Your Business

Happy Employees

Editor’s Note: This article is contributed by Cherry Soriano, writer at Media Buzzer. Her opinions are her own. The secret to a successful business is not only excellent quality of products and services that are offered but also all of the employees within the company. Your workforce is a valuable commodity. They should be nurtured, developed, and also rewarded. These will … [Read more...]

How to Be a Great Boss: 7 Tips

How to be a great boss

Some bosses, like those in Paul's stories, are truly great. Others are more like broken analog watches - right twice a day, but horribly wrong the rest of the time. And, honestly, it's easier to be a bad boss than a good one. And some days we all have to forget about being a great one (or at least before coffee). But one thing that Paul's stories teach us is that his great … [Read more...]