6 Ways to Ensure Your New Recruit Isn’t a Dropout

New Recruit Dropout

Have you ever been in the position of watching your new recruit flounder away and then drop out or worse, have to be pushed?

Case Study: A Consultancy’s Innovative Interview Process

Innovative Interview Process

Innovative and effective interview processes are both the holy grail and John Cleese of recruitment; we know they can work if done right, but mostly it just seems like a bit of time-wasting fluff. If you’ve ever tried to implement a different way of sifting through your organization’s potential recruits you’ll understand the difficulty in working out how to effectively utilize the many different ways of screening an applicant. Here’s an example of how one company managed to do it very effectively.

8 Resumé and Cover Letter Red Flags

8 Resumé and Cover Letter Red Flags

There’s an endless source of tips available for candidates on how to make their CV or resumé stand out from the crowd. But what about a source of tips for employers? What should you look out for each time you’re inundated with applications whenever you advertise a vacancy in your organisation?

What Is Market Mapping & How Do You Do It?

What is market mapping

Do you know exactly what role you’ll hire next? Do you even know if you can afford the role? Getting an understanding of how your (often larger) competitors structure their companies will give you a vision for your own future. Market Mapping is outlining the employment set up of the current market – particularly your competitors.

6 Ways to Piss Off Your Candidate at the Offer Stage

job offer, making an offer, counter offer, declining a job offer

It happens far too often. The interviews go smoothly and everything’s heading in the right direction. But then at the offer stage … BAM! It’s all over. Why? While many will be quick to point the finger at the candidate, often it’s actually the employer who has sent the candidate running.

4 Things the WhatsApp Acquisition Teaches Us about Treating Candidates


What we find interesting in this isn’t necessarily the $19 billion or the rejection itself. We are more interested in what this might teach us about how to treat candidates. Here are our four big takeaways:

Why Social Snapshots Are Vital to the Hiring Process

Social footprint, social snapshot, CrewRevu

We live in a social media world where everything can be seen and heard instantaneously. It’s how candidates and organisations market themselves to one another well before the first interview. This leads to the question, what can a social footprint really reveal about a prospective candidate?

11 Innovative Screening Techniques

innovative screening techniques

If you’re really going to find the right person for the role, you need to change up your hiring techniques. We’ve pulled together 11 examples of innovative hiring techniques that you can employ in your next hire to cut through the façade and find the real skills and culture fit you need.

How to Hold on to Your Best People in 2014

staff retention, succession planning, employee development, staff development, career development

Research shows that 46% of people are in a role that is not ideal, and at this time of year, many have come back to work with the idea that they are going to make a change. What can you do to prevent a mass exodus?

Why Are You Such a Scaredy Cat About Approaching Candidates?

Approach candidates

You’ve met the perfect employee after months of looking! There’s just one problem:

They don’t know they want to work for you yet.

So now you’re a big, puddly mess of wishing they would just come and work for you right this instance. The thought of picking up the phone or sending them an introductory email makes you more nervous than a cat on a deflating pool toy.

Here’s what to do.