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Attracting Top Talent

6 Smart Moves to Help You Recruit the Best Talent

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Kate Bones – a recruitment and HR expert with UK based Check Director. Her opinions are her own.

Don’t expect recruiting to get easier anytime soon.

The candidate pool isn’t going to explode, so if you’re on the lookout for quality hires you should revamp your hiring strategy, starting now.

Here are 6 smart moves to help you recruit the best talent out there. Read More…

Video Interviews Infographic

[Infographic] Video Interviews: The New Frontier of Job Interviewing

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by tech writer & photographer Ivan Serrano. His opinions and awesome infographic are his own. We know we don’t usually post things that are candidate-centric, but this one was too good not to share!

Interviewing prospective employees is a respected part of the hiring process, it also the most nerve wracking step in the application process for many hopeful professionals.

The advent of instant communication technology has not only changed how we perform our jobs and companies run, but also how businesses recruit new hires. With online social networks like LinkedIn, finding the perfect match is not only easier but can be done over a broader scope than in previous generations.

However once a company finds that perfect match, how are they do truly determine the fit of their new find from 1,000 miles away? Normally resumes would be sent into local offices from which a number of candidates would be chosen. These candidates would then come in for their interviews. However when the candidate is in a different state, a different approach must be taken.

Take a look at “Video Interviews: The New Frontier of Job Interviewing” for a great look at how video conferencing technologies are being used today to conduct interviews by HR reps all over the world. You’ll learn how to prepare for a job interview in the modern video-interview world as well as how your online social activity can impact the chances of landing your dream job.

Who Really Needs to get Involved in the Recruitment Process?

Who really needs to get involved in the recruitment process?A few weeks ago I ran a workshop for one of our clients in San Francisco. It was predominantly to a group of hiring managers, but a few of the senior partners popped their heads in, too.

During the session I asked the group if they could share any specific examples of where they thought their current recruitment process might be going wrong.

Talk about opening the floodgates …

All I could do was stand back, nod, and take it all in before making my own recommendations.

For an organisation their size (and with an incredibly low level of staff turnover – I was seriously impressed!), it didn’t take me long at all to discover why they were having so many problems on the recruiting front.

It had nothing to do with their location; nothing to do with the salaries they were offering; nothing at all to do with the fact they have every applicant complete a personality assessment (I’m personally a big fan of psych testing); and nothing to do with the quality of their job advertisements. Read More…

How To Attract The New Breed Of Job Hunter With Your Job Ad



job ad, online job ad, job board, candidate attraction, competencies, how to write a job adEditor’s note: This is a guest post by Tamara Blythman one of the many experienced recruiters in the RecruitLoop network.

So you’ve decided to hire – and after exhausting other avenues – an internal email to see if any other staff members can recommend anyone, a Facebook broadcast message, a LinkedIn update, and perhaps even a four-line ad in the local paper, still no luck.

It’s time to write an ad for an online job board and publish your vacancy for the world to see! Read More…


Juggling Kids, Clients and Candidates. Anything’s Possible for a Recruiting Mum!

Many women in the recruitment industry worry about their ability to gain employment once they have been out of the workforce for a few years raising their young children. They also find the idea of juggling a career and a family completely daunting.

The Guilt

Worse still, the guilt many mums place upon themselves believing that they are in fact neglecting their kids by returning to work adds to the distress and angst created by the whole situation.

Why is it that before they had their child(ren), these women were successfully climbing the corporate ladder within some of the most reputable recruitment agencies, and yet just because they have a child climbing all over the furniture at home they believe they can’t get back on board?

Having children doesn’t mean they have lost these skills at all. If anything, as mums, they have developed an entirely new set of skills (including taking multi-tasking and project management to an entirely new level!) while being out of the corporate environment. So why shouldn’t they be able to step right back in?

The Mental Stimulation

Women in the recruitment world have always been confident, driven and very ambitious. They don’t necessarily want to stay at home watching the Wiggles, Dora or Hi 5 with their kids every day. They crave the mental stimulation from working with clients and candidates and generally staying dialled into their industry and maintaining the sense of accomplishment from placing great candidates in great jobs.

Research has shown that around 85% of today’s mums are wanting to get back in to work (at least on a part-time basis) once their kids have started kindergarten or pre-school. While there are certainly some recruitment agencies able to offer part-time roles for experienced recruiting mums, unfortunately not all agencies are geared up to having a part-time workforce.

The Perfect Solution

But these recruiting mums no longer need to return to the traditional recruitment world. They can work from home as an independent recruiter instead. They can work their hours around taking their kids to school and picking them up, attending piano recitals, school plays, swimming and athletic carnivals, prize giving ceremonies, and even being available for their children’s orthodontic appointments.

They can be set up at home, working with interesting clients, charging them for the hours they work on any recruitment projects, and even screening their candidates via high quality video interviews. No traveling into the city and no pressure or stress to meet KPIs. It really is recruitment re-invented.

There are plenty of recruiters who have made the conscious decision to press pause (as opposed to stop) on the metaphorical corporate treadmill, to have a family, spend time with their kids, get them into primary school and then get back into the industry.

Fortunately their chance of finding the perfect opportunity in recruitment and getting their career back on track is now a whole lot easier than it has ever been.


Are you a Recruiting Mum?

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15 Online Tools Making Recruitment Faster And Cheaper For Any Business

Every business needs new staff at some point. But recruiting them can be expensive or painful. Both if you’re unlucky.

There’s good news for employers: The internet is ‘democratising’ the recruitment process.

Tools that were once a trade secret of expensive recruitment agencies are now available to anyone online – at a low cost, and often free! Read More…

Bill Boorman at #tru Australia

What the hell is an unconference? Reflections from #tru Australia

I asked the question myself when heading to Melbourne the other week for ‘the recruiting unconference‘. What the hell is an unconference!?

Skeptical it would be little more than the traditional pow wow of presentations and networking, I was persuaded by the global reputation of #tru (the recruiting unconference) globally. It’s become somewhat of an international phenomenon for the leading thinkers in recruitment. Launched in London 2 years ago, it’s since been held in Dublin, South Africa, and San Francisco. I went along intrigued, with an open mind. Read More…


Why I had to be “kept in the loop”

Hi. My name’s Paul and I’m a recruit-aholic.

I have been in the recruitment game for a long time. In fact when I tell recruiters new to the  industry that when I first started there was no internet, no email, no online job boards, no  mobile phones,and no LinkedIn, the first thing they usually ask is “so how did you actually  recruit“?

Quite amusing really. And that’s all a story for another time. Read More…