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Meet James Harman- RecruitLoop Recruiter In Sydney, Australia

Meet James Harman: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Sydney, Australia


I can remember being at a business networking lunch in Sydney two years ago. I was there with a RecruitLoop colleague and during the course of the lunch we’d both spent some time talking to another recruiter in the room.

As we were walking back to our cars after the event we both looked at each other and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if James joined the RecruitLoop community?“.

Not long after that networking lunch he did! Read More…


Meet Lauren Hodgson: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Phoenix, Arizona


As a recruiter there were many occasions where a candidate I placed in a role eventually became a client.

There were also quite a few instances where I had such a strong relationship with a client that when the time came for them to look for a new opportunity, they confidentially asked me to help them out. Yes it’s a great feeling when a client becomes a candidate.

Where exactly am I going with this line of thinking? Read More…

Meet Sandra Karamitelios- RecruitLoop Recruiter In Brisbane, Australia

Meet Sandra Karamitelios: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Brisbane, Australia


Over the last few weeks, the RecruitLoop Recruiter Spotlight has been shining brightly over the US of A … from Houston, to Seattle and over to Los Angeles.

Today we’re taking it back ‘Down Under’ and beaming in on Brisbane … or as the locals like to call it ‘BrisVegas’ (or ‘Brisneyland’!) where you will find the delightful Sandra Karamitelios. Read More…

Meet Samuel Prince- RecruitLoop Recruiter In Seattle, Washington

Meet Samuel Prince: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Seattle, Washington


Last week our recruiter spotlight shone on Houston, Texas. Today we head to the Pacific Northwest and flash it on Seattle … home of Boeing, Microsoft, Grey’s Anatomy, Starbucks, … and Samuel Prince!

Samuel (those closest to him just call him Sam!) is a specialist recruiter for cyber security covering all major metropolitan markets in the USA, as well as the UK and Israel. Read More…

Meet Danny Powell- RecruitLoop Recruiter In Houston, Texas

Meet Danny Powell: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Houston, Texas


Last week our recruiter spotlight shone on Santiago, Chile. Today we flash it on Houston … the most populous city in Texas, and the fourth most populous city in the United States after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Danny Powell – with 20 years recruitment experience right across the USA – from Atlanta, to Chicago, and from Oklahoma to Orange County.

Who knew we had a paintball champion in our midst, fluent in sign language who’d love to have dinner with Thomas Jefferson?

Now everyone can get to know more about Danny Powell … Read More…

Meet Facundo Manriquez- RecruitLoop Recruiter In Santiago, Chile

Meet Facundo Manriquez: RecruitLoop Recruiter In Santiago, Chile

It’s been a few weeks since we last put one of our recruiters in the spotlight. But last week I caught up with our first recruiter from South America – Facundo Manriquez. Actually his parents named him Facundo Sebastian Manriquez Salazar. But to us he’s just Facundo.

Facundo is the epitome of a RecruitLoop recruiter. Read More…

Meet John Palcisko- RecruitLoop Recruiter in Cleveland, Ohio

Meet John Palcisko: RecruitLoop Recruiter in Cleveland, Ohio


Every so often we catch up with a member of our recruiter community and ask them a series of questions. Always the same questions. We love this small peek into their lives and the tears and laughs we have along the way.

This week we caught up with John Palcisko, a relatively new member of our community. A West Point graduate and based in Cleveland, Ohio, John has been sourcing sales and manufacturing talent for over 14 years.

His reason for wanting to have dinner with Jesus is brilliant! Read More…

Recruiter Spotlight: Cats, Prime Ministers and Monarchs

Meet Vanessa Poirrier: RecruitLoop Recruiter in Queensland, Australia

The diversity of talent and experience in the RecruitLoop community is limitless. Based in Queensland, Australia is Vanessa Poirrier, a seasoned recruitment professional with a strong background in hospitality and experience recruiting positions from entry level to C-suite. A relative newcomer to our group, we caught up with Vanessa to find out a bit more about her. Read More…

Meet Suzanne Rey- RecruitLoop Recruiter in San Diego, California

Meet Suzanne Rey: RecruitLoop Recruiter in San Diego, California

The talent, dedication and all-round brilliant humanity that lives in our recruiter community continues to inspire me!  We recently caught up with Suzanne Rey, one of our recruiters in San Diego, California and as always with these profiles, we were bowled over by the things we didn’t know about her!  We’re pretty sure you will be too!  Born in North Africa with an Italian heritage, Suzanne has lived in Italy and Germany before moving the the US.

A global citizen, a seasoned recruiter, a professional singer and a passionate animal rights activist – Suzanne is one of those people in the world who truly make a difference, and we couldn’t be prouder to have her as part of our recruiter community. Read More…