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Launching a Global Partnership with NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network

NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network

There are good recruiters out there. But unfortunately there are some ‘not so good’ recruiters out there too.

One thing we’ve always been committed to is building a marketplace of top quality recruiters.

We’re sometimes asked why we don’t have thousands of recruiters using our platform.

I mean aren’t you guys just like oDesk?

Not quite.

We’re building a highly curated marketplace of recruiters. Experienced. Professional. Trustworthy. But we also know it would be impossible to work our way around the world identifying the best recruiters one by one.

Last September we met up with Dave Nerz, President of NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network at a conference in Las Vegas to discuss a potential alliance.

NPA is a network of independent recruitment businesses. It’s the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that RecruitLoop has formed a global partnership with NPA.

The opportunity to align ourselves with such a professional body will not only help us grow our global recruiter community. It will also reinforce our commitment to attract only the highest calibre recruiters – something NPA has clearly always prided itself on.

Our affiliation will help build a deeper and stronger community of expert recruiters.  We’re excited because this will give more companies around the world access to our unique model of ‘elastic recruiting’.

We’ve always been obsessed with the quality of RecruitLoop recruiters, and put them through a rigorous verification process. Knowing NPA’s stringent selection criteria is in line with ours is another value add to any business engaging with us.

Several NPA members are already online with RecruitLoop, and have expressed their excitement about RecruitLoop becoming a key driver in growing their own businesses.

As part of our alliance, we’re committed to helping NPA members gain new business opportunities in markets or with organisations that may not have been natural targets for their more traditional recruitment services.

We’re looking forward to officially launching the partnership between RecruitLoop and NPA at their Global Conference in New Orleans next month.

Here’s to a successful partnership with NPA!

For any NPA members who’d like to learn more, check out the information here.

Elastic Recruiting

Introducing Elastic Recruiting

Today, we’re excited to introduce Elastic Recruiting – expert hiring support that stretches with your needs and budget. Elastic RecruitingFundamentally, Elastic Recruiting is expert recruiters, on demand, billed hourly. These expert independent (read: rockstar) recruiters will help you with as little or as much of the recruitment process as you need, and you won’t have to pay an astronomical fee to get the right candidates in the door. Granted, we’re in the business of recruiting, but we really believe that recruiting shouldn’t be painful. Or obscenely expensive. (Seriously, what’s up with those huge fees for what could be very little work but you wouldn’t know because the whole darn process is a black box? Yikes!) And we discovered this for ourselves, since we were all hiring managers or recruiters before we got to RecruitLoop. To paraphrase a certain US president, we’ve felt your pain. Heck, that’s why we started the company.

What can our rockstar recruiters help you with?

We’ve unbundled the recruitment process by breaking it down into stages so that you can decide where you’d like to plug in our expert recruiters (and you can read about them in much more detail at our Elastic Recruiting page): Unbundled Elastic Recruiting


It’s easy to forget that you need to scope your role in order to get the best fit for your team. You need to find out what other companies are doing to solve the types of problems you need to solve, and what they’re paying the problem-solvers. This phase is where you (or a recruiter you love) do market research and mapping, create a performance profile, and finally end up with a job description.


Once you understand your needs and have a great job description, sourcing is your next task. Finding active and passive candidates who fit your needs and ending up with a shortlist can be the most difficult part of the recruitment process. There are recruiters out there with almost ninja-like abilities to attract the active candidates and approach the passive candidates to build you out a shortlist of killer candidates.


Where sourcing is tough, screening can be long and exhausting. You have a shortlist, but are they truly qualified? Do they have the right skills? Can you quickly find out via a phone screen or video interview whether they might fit? When you have a recruiter you trust, you can get through screening with minimum time and effort – your recruiter can do all the legwork and you know you won’t waste time with unqualified candidates.


Selection is where the rubber meets the road in the hiring process. You meet your finalists face-to-face, you (or your recruiter) conduct reference and background checks, and you finally negotiate an offer with your perfect fit. If you live and breathe for this stage, great – you don’t have to use a recruiter. But if you could use a hand with anything from interview questions to hanging on to the candidate during negotiations, you can have as much or as little help as you need from your RecruitLoop Recruiter.


Register for Our Upcoming Workshops – From Hiring to Firing

hiring, firing, candidate attraction, staff induction, staff retention, Fair Work Act 2009Recruitment and retention are two of today’s HR buzzwords.

Most companies universally acknowledge that “our people are our greatest asset” but more often than not, companies struggle to select the right candidate in the beginning and retain quality people within their corporation.

If an employee leaves an organisation within the first twelve months, it can actually cost the business up to three times their salary to replace them. On-boarding, coaching an continual support can seem time consuming and costly endeavours, but in the long run they can save your organisation thousands of dollars.

However, it’s not all about hiring, it’s also about what to do when you realise a critical mistake has been made during the recruitment process. How do you effectively remove a poor candidate or an under performing staff member fairly, with dignity and without legal ramifications?

We have partnered with Workforce Guardian and have created an intensive one-day workshop which will be rolled out in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth in September and October. It’s aimed at those who do not have the luxury of in-house recruitment or struggle with aspects of candidate attraction, selection, staff retention and performance management – critical processes to the success and smooth operation of your business.

If you struggle with any of the following, then this training course is for you:

  • Writing lack-lustre job descriptions;
  • Deciding if or when to engage a recruitment agency;
  • What to look for in a CV;
  • What should you be assessing during an interview;
  • How to distinguish between a candidate’s experience and actual competencies;
  • The quality of your indiction program;
  • The effectiveness of your performance management process;
  • What the difference is between a disciplinary meeting and a performance appraisal;
  • Whether your processes are compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009;
  • Being fully aware of the actions that could lead to an unfair dismissal claim

Workshop dates:

  • SYDNEY – Thursday September 6th
  • BRISBANE – Friday September 14th
  • MELBOURNE – Thursday October 11th
  • PERTH – Tuesday October 30th


Further details including registration and a detailed course outline can be found here.
Paul Slezak

RecruitLoop welcomes new Head of Community and Client Services

PRESS RELEASE, 20 October 2011

Industry veteran joins RecruitLoop as Head of Community and Client Services

Following the recent successful launch of RecruitLoop with a model set to completely reinvent the recruitment process, veteran recruiter and industry specialist Paul Slezak has joined the online start-up as its Head of Community and Client Services, to build and run its network of national and international recruiters and clients.

“Their model seemed so logical”, says Slezak. “To give employers stress-free and flexible recruitment support, the opportunity to pay an experienced recruiter only for the time they worked, and above all to be able to view candidates online with high quality recorded video interviews. During my first meeting with the co-fo
unders their vision really resonated with me and from that point it was a no brainer.”

With over 15 years in the industry and having worked for both an international publicly listed group as well as a global niche recruitment business, Slezak has been a hands-on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and speaker across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

“We are the first to provide a service of this type globally”, explains Michael Overell, RecruitLoop Co-Founder and CEO. “We knew we had the right model, technology platform and drive to launch the business. But we didn’t have a recruitment guru on the team. Then our paths crossed with Paul and the puzzle was complete.”

“Having spent my entire career immersed in the recruitment industry, breaking away from the traditional model is certainly very exciting”, continues Slezak. “With 62% of Australian executives not recommending the services of a traditional recruitment agency, and with smaller businesses having been priced out of the market for too long, it’s definitely time to shake things up a bit”.

“RecruitLoop offers employers flexible recruitment support and since launching in August we have slashed the cost of recruiting by up to 80% for dozens of companies along the eastern seaboard, saving hours of time and thousands of dollars”, explains Overell.

“Sure RecruitLoop is an online model. But we are fully aware that recruitment inherently involves people. People helping people. We place a huge focus on quality and specialisation, and all our recruiters are verified professionals, with at least five years proven recruitment experience”, concludes Slezak.

The RecruitLoop Community is growing every day, and with recruiters on board across the major Australian capitals, plans are well underway for expansion further afield.