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7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

I’ve been in the recruitment game for my entire career. That’s over two decades now.


While it’s true that as far as recruitment goes I’m (RecruitLoop is) doing things very differently now compared to how things were done back in the mid-90’s. But trust me whether in the 90’s, naughties, or ‘nows’, I’ve certainly heard my fair share of comments about what people really think about recruiters (and our industry). Read More…


The Non-Recruiters Guide To Hiring Terms

Has a recruiter ever excitedly told you that after rejecting all the job hoppers they’ve found a ‘purple squirrel’ on gardening leave?

Maybe they’ve suggested a Stay interview or Job Shadowing your current CXO level employees before attempting to poach from your competitors?

Before you think they’ve joined Alice and the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, or that they may need a referral to a good therapist, check out these typical recruitment terms and their meanings below: Read More…


Your 6 Step Checklist to Crafting the Perfect Job Description

I’ll never forget the time I was sitting opposite a client taking a brief for a new position in her team and when I asked her if she had a position description she literally scribbled a few bullet points on to a Post-It note and handed it to me across the table.

Was she serious?

Apparently so.

I should also point out that the all too common “We’re hoping to create the job around the best candidate depending on their previous experience” never really cut it with me either.

So here’s a step-by-step job description checklist for any business owner or hiring manager thinking about bringing somebody new into their team. Read More…


4 Ways to Push a Candidate’s Hot Buttons Around Salary Packages

Offering and negotiating employment terms with potential new employee is a time fraught with risk.

The phrase “It’s not over until the fat lady sings” couldn’t be truer of the hiring process. Just because you think you have identified the perfect candidate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the candidate thinks they have found the perfect job. Read More…


Why A Poor Candidate Experience Can Destroy Your Business

I’ve trained literally thousands of ‘rookie’ recruiters in my time, and at some point in their induction I would usually ask them the following question:

Who do you think is more important? The client or the candidate?

After an awkward silence, unfortunately there was usually a clear majority voting for the client.

Why?Read More…

7 Simple Ways Internal Recruiters And Hiring Managers Can Get Along

7 Ways Internal Recruiters And Hiring Managers Can Get Along

Last week I was in Kuala Lumpur running a workshop for a group of predominantly internal recruiters.

Although the workshop was specifically focused on ‘recruitment metrics’, I noticed that even early on during some of the breakout sessions and group activities, questions and discussions were taking place off the topic of ‘metrics’ and more around the general frustrations they were all feeling in their jobs.

I promised the group that as long as they let me cover everything I wanted (and needed!) to cover on the topic of metrics, I would be comfortable and happy to facilitate some group discussions around the challenges that internal recruiters typically face. Read More…

3 Ways to Slash Costs if You're Running a Recruitment Agency

3 Ways to Slash Costs if You’re Running a Recruitment Agency

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Richard Kao from The Cos Group. His opinions are his own.

In the UK, the recruitment sector grew bigger than its pre-crisis peak, boasting an annual turnover of £28.7 billion in 2014. US-based employment and recruiting agencies, on the other hand, generated $28 billion in revenue while enjoying an annual growth rate of 4.6%.

Great news for head-hunters and employment agencies indeed! But just like any business, companies that match prospects with employers for a living also have to deal with growing expenses: office rent, tech and tools for their staff, and marketing campaigns to grow their business.

Let’s take a look at a few tried-and-tested ways for anybody running a recruitment business to slash their operational costs while maintaining a high-quality of work. Read More…


The Insiders Guide to Passive Candidates [Infographic]

A passive candidate is someone who is currently employed but would still be open to considering other opportunities.

So why you would even seek out someone who is not looking for a new job?

In the 2015 LinkedIn Talent Trends Report, 75% of the 18,000 full time employees surveyed considered themselves passive candidates. 85% of those said they would be willing to talk about a new career opportunity, however only 61% of companies today are actually focused on recruiting passive candidates. Does yours?

By definition, the passive candidate is going to be tougher to engage than an active candidate (somebody eagerly on the hunt for a new position). But the whole point of passive sourcing is to find candidates who don’t think they’re interested in leaving their jobs and convincing them to give your open role a chance. Read More…

What You Need to Know When Recruiting Generation Z

What You Need to Know When Recruiting Generation Z

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Marry McAleavey from Essay Service. Her opinions are her own.

Everyone is always talking about the Millennials. How to engage them; what they expect from their careers; and how to structure your recruiting plans to work for them. And, while you’re still trying to figure them out, a new age of people entering the workforce is upon us.

Born between 1990 and 1999, Generation Z is about to disrupt the workforce.

As a recruiter, it’s important for you to understand what makes this generation so incredibly different than anyone that came before them into the workforce. The unique traits of Generation Z will surprise, frustrate, and inspire you.

Here’s how to up your game before this group graduates from college: Read More…

7 Ways to Spot a Specialist Recruiter From a Generalist in Disguise

7 Ways to Spot a Specialist Recruiter From a Generalist in Disguise

As a business owner or hiring manager, it’s not always easy to keep on top of it all. You do everything possible not to drop the ball but the one area that is often the first to feel the cracks is recruiting. After all when you’ve got all the other balls in the air, who really has time to write a job description, performance profile or capabilities statement for every single role in the business? What about sifting through hundreds of applications to find that diamond in the rough? Read More…