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7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

I’ve been in the recruitment game for my entire career. That’s over two decades now.


While it’s true that as far as recruitment goes I’m (RecruitLoop is) doing things very differently now compared to how things were done back in the mid-90’s. But trust me whether in the 90’s, naughties, or ‘nows’, I’ve certainly heard my fair share of comments about what people really think about recruiters (and our industry). Read More…


5 Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Marketing Expert

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Catherine Park from Zoho. Her opinions are her own.

For a business to be successful, due to the current state of global market, it has to be able to adapt quickly. Markets are oversaturated and very dynamic. Businesses around the globe are always inventing new solutions that will ensure stable growth and increased revenue. Managers are becoming more important, ensuring that everything is handled well from the inside.

On the other hand, there is also very important work to be done. The part of your business that manufactures products or provides services is working very well. Human Resources has done a great job and you’ve ended up with great staff. But, your company has to make a living by selling its products or services, and you need to get people interested in what you have to offer.

That’s where marketing experts come into play. Their main objective is to design a strategy that will make your products and services alluring to prospective customers. Read More…

How To Make A New Employee's First Day Memorable ... For The Right Reasons

7 Ways To Make A New Employee’s First Day Memorable

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Swati Srivastava  – Content Manager Info Edge India. Her opinions are her own.

What has been your worst ‘first day’ ever?

Perhaps it was at school, college, or your first day at a new job? For me, it was definitely my first day working at a new company in 2008. Read More…

17 Qualities of the Perfect Early Startup Hire

17 Qualities of the Perfect Early Startup Hire

When you’re first starting out in a new venture it can be thrilling. Adrenaline-filled. Nerve-wracking. Insomnia-inducing. And that’s if all goes well!

When you get to the point of needing to hire someone beyond your founding team, this process can also be filled with anxiety. Read More…

5 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Fill Your Open Roles

5 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Fill Your Open Roles

We have clients who tell us that in some parts of their businesses they literally have as many open roles as they have people. Each day they get further and further behind on their roadmap (despite everyone working a truly obscene number of hours). Their stakeholders and customers are cranky about it; and the existing staff feel like mice on spinning wheel.

Why can’t they hire?

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, and you’re comfortable overworking your existing team, and letting your employer brand go down the drain (because trust me, word gets out), here are five ways to ensure your number of open roles goes through the roof. And you may just find yourself dealing with a few extra resignations as an added bonus! Read More…

4 Employee Recognition Tips That Don’t Involve a Paybump

4 Employee Recognition Tips That Don’t Involve a Paybump

Editor’s Note: This is a geust post by Adnan Shaffi, the co-founder of His opinions are his own.

Startups don’t scale on their own. Once past the initial stage, the founders need to hire other people to take care of their business for them. Successful entrepreneurs understand the fact that their employees are the backbone of their startup. If you take good care of them, they’ll take good care of your product and your customers.

A few years ago, Kelly Services (one of the world’s largest staffing agencies) surveyed 120,000 employees from all over the world. A shocking 48% said they were unhappy at their current jobs. Unhappiness at work comes from many demotivating factors: limited growth, lack of interest, and poor leadership to name a few. However, being underpaid is often cited as the primary demotivator. Read More…

5 Awesome Tips to Create a Distraction-Free Team Environment

5 Awesome Tips to Create a Distraction-Free Team Environment

Editor’s Note: Guest post by Kate Simpson. Her opinions are her own.

Have you ever wondered why everyone in your team gets distracted just when you expect them to do their best job? Is it because you expect too much? Maybe you should take their phones away? Or set a new rule – “do not talk about personal things when you work.” Cut off the Internet connection? Oh snap, you can’t do that because you want to be a leader; not a boss.

So how do you convince your people to stay focused without bossing them around? Let’s be honest: that won’t be easy. You may need to play a few tricks on them, so they will continue to like you even though you’re practically making them work harder.
Read More…

What You Need to Know When Recruiting Generation Z

What You Need to Know When Recruiting Generation Z

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Marry McAleavey from Essay Service. Her opinions are her own.

Everyone is always talking about the Millennials. How to engage them; what they expect from their careers; and how to structure your recruiting plans to work for them. And, while you’re still trying to figure them out, a new age of people entering the workforce is upon us.

Born between 1990 and 1999, Generation Z is about to disrupt the workforce.

As a recruiter, it’s important for you to understand what makes this generation so incredibly different than anyone that came before them into the workforce. The unique traits of Generation Z will surprise, frustrate, and inspire you.

Here’s how to up your game before this group graduates from college: Read More…

What recruiters want 12 ways to have them gagging for your business

12 Ways to Get Recruiters Gagging For Your Business

Picture it: Your business has reached the stage where you need to employ someone new into the team. But you’re far too busy to recruit the position yourself so you’ve decided to engage the services of a recruitment consultant.

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to go with a generalist or a specialist recruiter, the recruiter you choose could well be just as busy as you.

How can you become their top priority? Read More…

How to Stand Out to Passive Candidates

7 Ways to Stand Out to Passive Candidates

Ever heard the adage “It’s easier to find a job when you have a job?”

From the employee’s side that’s probably true. But what do you do if you’re the employer looking to hire someone who already has a job and is not actively looking for work?

This type of candidate is referred to as a passive candidate – someone who is not necessarily looking for a new job, but would be open to taking a new job if the right offer comes along.

Getting someone in this situation to be excited about your company can be a tough task. Read More…