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How to Build Outplacement and Career Transitioning into Your Portfolio

How to Build Outplacement and Career Transitioning into Your Portfolio


Ooh … I can see you squirming already.

Back in the day I know (perhaps to my own detriment) that I was one of those very rare recruiters who genuinely cared more about my candidates’ future than I did about the fee up on the board or the commission cheque at the end of the month. In fact I can honestly say that I have helped more candidates through their own career transition than I have necessarily placed candidates into new positions.

Why are so many recruiters afraid to represent candidates who have either been let go or who are working through an outplacement program? Why are they almost afraid to offer outplacement or career transitioning advice?

Ah … of course … because in the contingent world the fee only comes when the candidate gets placed. How could I forget! Read More…

Career Outplacement Factors to Consider When Transitioning Employees Out

5 Reasons To Implement A Career Outplacement Program

Editors Note: Please note this is a guest post written by Andrea Wasser. Her opinions are her own.

Despite the unemployment rate of 5.1% in October last year (the lowest in the past 7 years) and the median forecasted rate of 4.8% for 2016, companies still need to prepare for staff layoffs and terminations.

As organizations strive to get lean, go through mergers and acquisitions, and continue to automate and outsource non-core business operations, downsizing happens in the best of companies. Downsizing has an enormous impact on employees transitioning out, their families’, the organization’s customers and suppliers, the local community, and employees that remain along with the key stakeholders. Read More…

Attracting and retaining top talent

The Importance of Salary in Attracting and Retaining Key Talent [Infographic]

Organisations of all sizes from seed startups to Fortune 500 ‘mega enterprises’ often find themselves asking the same philosophical question, “What is the secret to attracting and retaining key talent?“.

We’ve written about it before from the perspective of building your employer brand; we’ve provided tips on how to attract rockstar employees; we’ve shared ideas on how to ensure you hold on to your superstars; and we even have an eBook dedicated to attracting, selecting and retaining the best staff.

Our friends at Adecco recently published a comprehensive Infographic on compensation and salary trends. Although it focuses primarily on creative, marketing, light industrial and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related) positions, it reinforces the absolutely pivotal role that salary plays in recruitment and retention in any business.

You may think this is pretty obvious, but you might find some of the statistics below pretty eye opening!

Compensation and Salary Trends

Minimum Wage Madness!



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Editors Note: This is a guest post written by Edward Mallett, Managing Director of Employsure. His opinions are his own.

There is an interesting story about John Paulson, a hedge fund manager who became richer than Croesus when he predicted the global credit market implosion in 2007. He says that he knew there was a problem when his cleaner asked him whether it was sensible to take out a hefty mortgage to fund the purchase of her fourth investment property. Too much, he thought, time to bet against this.

Google him, it will make you bitter. Read More…


Statistics and damn lies: Online job ads

Job ads in Australia increased 6.4% from December to January, according to recent data. This was the biggest monthly increase since 2010. Commentators wet themselves in delight: ‘Job ads hit 2 year high‘. Politicians even got in on the game, with the federal Treasurer claiming this as a reminder that our economic fundamentals are strong.

Surely this is great news? Read More…

Small employers, regulation and a declining middle class

Small employers, regulation and a declining middle class?

A friend who runs an IT consultancy shared a story over the break. After reading a few stats and articles over the weekend, it really got me thinking. His company has been growing like crazy, and we were talking about his hiring plans. You know what? His first and preferred option was to look outside Australia.

I assumed he was referring to support staff for basic tasks, from somewhere like the Philippines. But no – he was talking about sales, business development and real technical support staff. These would be key members of his team, all highly trained and educated. He wasn’t looking to traditional countries to ‘offshore’ these tasks, but to New Zealand, of all places. Read More…