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7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

7 Things to Consider Before Engaging a Recruiter

I’ve been in the recruitment game for my entire career. That’s over two decades now.


While it’s true that as far as recruitment goes I’m (RecruitLoop is) doing things very differently now compared to how things were done back in the mid-90’s. But trust me whether in the 90’s, naughties, or ‘nows’, I’ve certainly heard my fair share of comments about what people really think about recruiters (and our industry). Read More…


How to Build a Candidate Shortlist in 3 Simple Steps

Nobody enjoys having to jump through hoops to try and find the right person to fill a position. Sourcing for candidates is a daunting task. Trying to find that one person that is a perfect fit for your company is time consuming and challenging.

You need someone who has the right experience, skills and personality to excel at the position, yet to find that person you must first wade through possibly hundreds of other applicants. It can be like trying to find Waldo.

To get to that prized shortlist of 2-3 exceptional candidates to interview, there are three essential steps you need to perform.
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Your 6 Step Checklist to Crafting the Perfect Job Description

I’ll never forget the time I was sitting opposite a client taking a brief for a new position in her team and when I asked her if she had a position description she literally scribbled a few bullet points on to a Post-It note and handed it to me across the table.

Was she serious?

Apparently so.

I should also point out that the all too common “We’re hoping to create the job around the best candidate depending on their previous experience” never really cut it with me either.

So here’s a step-by-step job description checklist for any business owner or hiring manager thinking about bringing somebody new into their team. Read More…

17 Qualities of the Perfect Early Startup Hire

17 Qualities of the Perfect Early Startup Hire

When you’re first starting out in a new venture it can be thrilling. Adrenaline-filled. Nerve-wracking. Insomnia-inducing. And that’s if all goes well!

When you get to the point of needing to hire someone beyond your founding team, this process can also be filled with anxiety. Read More…

5 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Fill Your Open Roles

5 Ways to Guarantee You Won’t Fill Your Open Roles

We have clients who tell us that in some parts of their businesses they literally have as many open roles as they have people. Each day they get further and further behind on their roadmap (despite everyone working a truly obscene number of hours). Their stakeholders and customers are cranky about it; and the existing staff feel like mice on spinning wheel.

Why can’t they hire?

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, and you’re comfortable overworking your existing team, and letting your employer brand go down the drain (because trust me, word gets out), here are five ways to ensure your number of open roles goes through the roof. And you may just find yourself dealing with a few extra resignations as an added bonus! Read More…

6 Ways to Conduct a Backdoor Reference Check

6 Ways to Conduct a Backdoor Reference Check

“Deep reference checks”, “informal checks”, or “background checks” tend to generate a bit of controversy on the recruitment scene, but are still widely used, particularly for higher executive roles.

A backdoor reference check refers to obtaining information about a candidate from a source other than those referees specifically listed on the candidate’s resumé. It used to be that reference checks were the only way of determining a future employee’s personality and past experience levels based on conversations with previous supervisors.

With the advent of social media and web footprints, it’s now easier than ever to get an idea of the real candidate behind their CV. Read More…

9 Things To Avoid During Backdoor Reference Checks

9 Things To Avoid During Backdoor Reference Checks

The job of any hiring manager is to do due diligence on anyone being seriously considered for an offer – and backdoor reference checks are a legitimate way of ascertaining the suitability of a person for a role.

Provided they are conducted in an ethical and legal manner, backdoor reference checks – asking for information about a candidate from someone not listed as an official referee – can give you a deeper insight into the personality and performance of a potential employee.

There are some potential land mines waiting for you if you step in the wrong spot, however. Here’s what to watch out for to ensure your backdoor reference checks are legal, productive, and don’t cause any damage to the reputation or the careers of either party. Read More…

Passive Sourcing- You're Doing It Wrong

Passive Sourcing: You’re Doing It Wrong

Like many folks in the Bay Area, I get a fair number of messages from recruiters and hiring managers who are passively sourcing candidates. And after a while of getting these messages and talking to these people, I’ve come to a conclusion: if you’re passively sourcing, you’re probably doing it wrong. Read More…

Your Thanksgiving Recipe for Great Recruitment

Your Thanksgiving Recipe for Great Recruitment

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, where we all take the day off, eat an egregious amount of turkey and side dishes, and have the yearly family arguments about whether canned or homemade cranberry sauce is better. (How is there even a question about this?) Read More…