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5 Ways for Recruiters to Attract Passive Candidates and New Clients

5 Ways for Recruiters to Attract Passive Candidates and New Clients

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by digital strategist and blogger, Tanya Williams. Her opinions are her own.  

People haven’t changed but the way we communicate with them has. In our fast paced, ‘want it now’ society technology new digital tools and platforms are making it easier than ever to access information.

The same applies to the world of recruitment. The rules have changed and how we find clients and talent today relies on much more than just knowing a few people in our network. Your potential clients and candidates are starting the ‘people finding’ process online and if they cannot find you, then you are missing out on business.

Clients and candidates are mobile, social and want personal relevant information given to them on their communication channel of choice delivered on their favourite device. With this in mind, you need to take the time to listen to and understand your audience about how digital technology is impacting their everyday life. Read More…

6 Essential Sales Tips For All Recruiters

6 Essential Sales Tips For Recruiters

I have trained thousands of recruiters in my time. So I would like to think that I know what works and what doesn’t.

Recruitment is sales.

There. I said it.

Sure it’s about helping candidates get jobs; or finding the best talent for employers. But when all is said and done (and whether we like it or not) as recruiters we are all in the game of sales. And that in itself often comes with a bit of baggage, a stigma, a reputation … I’m sure you get where I’m coming from.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing some “back to basics” training with our own sales team. I’ve also been spending quite a lot of time myself doing hands on sales – something I love doing but at the same time it’s been a process that for me has really reinforced the synergies between the role of a recruiter and that of a sales person. Read More…

How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated During the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be fun. Right?

Technically yes. But for anyone running a sales team, the holidays (whether it be the Christmas holidays, Summer holidays, Chinese New Year holidays … hopefully you can see where I am going here) can be a pretty stressful time if you’re stuck in the office staring at a revenue goal you may have set perhaps even 6 – 12 months earlier. Read More…

Recruiter Tips- How To Ensure You Don't Alienate Your Client

Recruiter Tips: How To Ensure You Don’t Alienate Your Client


It was great to read Paul’s recent blog post, “40 Questions You Should Think About Before Working With A New Client”.

He’s completely right of course, about the questions recruiters should be asking clients, or potential clients. But the trick is knowing when to ask them, so that you don’t alienate your client. Read More…


40 Important Questions to Ask Before Working With A New Client

I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it many times again. Whether you like it or not, recruiting is sales.

Often it’s hard to describe, but there’s something about the ‘thrill’ of winning a new client. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on them for a while; maybe you’ve snatched them out of the hands of your competitor; or perhaps they’ve tracked you down as a result of the reputation you’ve been building for yourself.

Regardless of how you won the new client, there’s an incredible sense of satisfaction. Read More…

Conversational Marketing- Why It’s Great And Who Does It Best

Conversational Marketing: Why It’s Great And Who Does It Best

Editors Note: This is a guest blog post written by David Goldman, Founder and Managing Director of Green Sky Thinking. His opinions are his own.

The world of online marketing can be an extremely noisy place. It seems we can’t do anything online these days without being bombarded by virtual megaphones shouting at us to “Buy Now!”, “Click Here”, “2-for-1”, “Today Only”, “20% Off”.

This kind of marketing can be incredibly annoying, and is often a turn off more than anything. Read More…

6 Top Reasons To Take A Close Look At Your Sales Process

6 Top Reasons To Take A Close Look At Your Sales Process


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Steven Quinlan – founder of The Sales Desk. His opinions are his own.

The fact is that between 40% and 80% of all small businesses fail within the first 3 years. Reasons are varied, but most come down to not generating enough revenue to keep the business moving forward; and that translates to poor sales. Read More…

Recruiter Tips Sales Calls Going Back to Basics

Recruiter Tips: Sales Calls – Going Back to Basics

Last week I was driving to a meeting and my phone rang. I didn’t recognise the number but I answered the call anyway.

Oh hi, Paul. It’s Francis here from [I honestly didn’t catch the company name]. I tried to connect with you on LinkedIn last week but you didn’t accept my invitation. I was hoping we could set up a time to catch up next week to talk about how I could help you with your next staff conference. I’ll be around Ultimo on Wednesday afternoon. Would that work for you?Read More…

6 Tips On How To Grow A Global Business … From Brad Sugars – Founder of ActionCOACH

6 Tips On How To Grow A Global Business … From Brad Sugars – Founder of ActionCOACH

When a 3-hour seminar is promoted with a promise to show attendees how to break out of their daily rut and successfully grow a global business, you’d expect to walk away with some pretty solid take-aways, right?

Last week RecruitLoop was a proud supporter of a series of seminars hosted by Brad Sugars – the founder of ActionCOACH. And as one of the supporters of his “Uncensored” series, in addition to exhibiting at the events, we were also able to sit in on the workshops and hear what the renowned motivational business speaker had to say.

Pretty solid take-aways? Absolutely! Read More…