#MyStartupStory – How RecruitLoop Got Here

RecruitLoop Startup Story Cover image

Have you ever wondered where this crazy idea for billing expert independent recruiters by the hour came from? Or maybe you’re curious about why we split the team and set up shop in San Francisco. And, did you know that Hurricane Sandy almost caused a, uh, certain cofounder to miss his own wedding?! You’ll find out about all of these (and more!) in our startup story: … [Read more...]

Welcome Nima Elyassi-Rad as Sales/Operations Lead

Nima Elyassi-Rad - RecruitLoop

We've written a lot about ourselves lately. Too much, sorry. We've just had a bunch of exciting news that just had to be shared. Don't worry, this will be the last for a while. But first, some news that has us all pretty stoked: This week Nima Elyassi-Rad joined RecruitLoop as Sales and Operations Lead in North America. We're thrilled to introduce him, and welcome him to the … [Read more...]

Welcome to Jenn Steele as Head of Growth

jenn steele - Head of Growth

It's been a busy few months at RecruitLoop. We announced seed funding, released an exciting product update, and detailed the life of a founder-recruiter in making our first key hires. I'm delighted to announce the first of two people behind that process: Jenn Steele is joining RecruitLoop as Head of Growth. Jenn is moving from Seattle to join us in San Francisco. … [Read more...]

Introducing: New Recruiter Profiles

Bernadette - profile

Our vision for RecruitLoop is to make hiring faster, simpler, and more efficient for everyone involved. Employers can engage professional recruiters with complete trust and transparency, at a fraction the cost of traditional methods. Independent recruiters have an exclusive platform to present themselves professionally, and serve clients in a new way. To support that vision, … [Read more...]

Life as a Startup Founder-Recruiter: Our First Key Hires

Startup Founder Recruiter

Summary:  Hiring at a startup is hard and time-consuming. But it's your job as a founder. Here are the steps and process we followed to make our first 2 key hires at RecruitLoop. *** Every startup founder complains about finding the right talent for their company. It's such a common gripe it's almost boring, particularly in the Bay Area, where every startup and its dog is … [Read more...]

10 Ways For HR Teams To Build A Talent Pipeline On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

Corporate recruiters without a talent pipeline are like groundskeepers irrigating a sporting field with a watering can. They simply 'spray and pray'. The explosion of social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, has rapidly accelerated the ability for internal recruitment teams to build talent pipelines, making it easier than ever to simply ‘turn on the tap’ when a job … [Read more...]

21 Ways To Be A LinkedIn Lemon

How to be a Linkedin Lemon

LinkedIn can be an incredibly useful tool for anyone in business, whether you’re in HR, startups or even sales. Particularly when hiring, you can uncover a wealth of information about potential employees with a simple search. You can connect with people, long before you need to fill a position, and build lasting connections. You can even list open jobs on LinkedIn to bring in … [Read more...]

7 Surprising Lessons on Hiring from Google’s Big Data Research

7 lessons on hiring from google  sq

Not so long ago, if you scored an interview at Google, you were as likely to be quizzed on the number of gas stations in Manhattan as on your final grades in College. Today, neither of those two questions are a part of the interview process.  It’s all due to Google’s big data research, utilizing years of information from interviews and performance reviews, in an attempt to … [Read more...]

14 Ingredients For A Killer Recruiting Presence On Facebook

Royal Marines on Facebook

We’ve studied the leaders in Facebook Recruitment to bring you the 14 ingredients needed for a killer recruiting presence on Facebook.  Implement these elements immediately to cook your Facebook recruitment page into a Michelin Star performer, attracting top talent, spreading your brand message and connecting with potential recruits.  1. A Wide Variety of Engaging … [Read more...]

#HiringHacks – Finding Great Talent Without a Dedicated Recruiting Function

Hiring Hacks Event

We hosted the first #hiringhacks event, with LinkedIn in San Francisco this week. It was a great turnout for a first event, and showed real appetite for ideas and tips to improve the hiring process at companies of sizes. Thanks to everyone who came along! What are hiring hacks? Practical, tactical tips for getting better hiring results. Avoiding the theoretical, they should … [Read more...]