7 Surprising Lessons on Hiring from Google’s Big Data Research

7 lessons on hiring from google  sq

Google is breaking new ground in hiring and management, by analyzing hard data to objectively measure outcomes of recruiting decisions over a long period of time. Check out these 7 surprising lessons

14 Ingredients For A Killer Recruiting Presence On Facebook

Royal Marines on Facebook

We’ve studied the leaders in Facebook Recruitment to bring you the 14 ingredients needed for a killer recruiting presence on Facebook. See how to pimp your recruiting efforts on Facebook.

#HiringHacks – Finding Great Talent Without a Dedicated Recruiting Function

Hiring Hacks Event

We hosted the first #hiringhacks event, with LinkedIn in San Francisco this week. It was a great turnout. Here are 11 hiring hacks you can act on today.

Who’s Winning the Talent War in Social Media – INFOGRAPHIC

Who's winning the talent war in social media - RecruitLoop

You won’t believe who is leading the pack! See how your company stacks up. Google vs Australian Defence Force? Disney vs Bank of America? You might be surprised…

Hey SMBs, LinkedIn Wants More of Your Business

Hire Smart Event LinkedIn Intuit

LinkedIn held the first ‘Hire Smart’ event in partnership with Intuit over the weekend. Targeted directly at small business, it was the first major attempt to reach out to a segment that makes up a small but growing proportion of revenue.

*JOB ALERT* Now Hiring: A New Pope

JOB ALERT: Now hiring a New Pope. Have you got what it takes?

88 Hiring Hacks For Startups

Hiring Hacks for Startups

Hiring at a startup can be a challenge: it needs to be fast, incredibly high quality, and low cost. Here are 88 practical, actionable ideas that have worked for us (or someone else).

Top 12 Blog Posts of 2012

Top 12 of 2012 - RecruitLoop

As we approach the end of year, we took a look back at some of the content and articles shared on the RecruitLoop Blog throughout 2012. After sorting through all the traffic statistics, social sharing and comments, we’ve built a list of the Top 12 Posts of 2012.

The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant [Infographic]

The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant

Infographic: Over the last four decades, the recruiter has transformed from a pompous, sales-driven corporate into a more social, relationship-focused cyber sleuth.

RecruitLoop Wins Best Use of Technology: High Fives All-Round

RecruitLoop My Business Awards 2012

We’re thrilled to share the news that RecruitLoop won the ‘Best use of Technology’ at the My Business Awards 2012.