Launching a Global Partnership with NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network

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We’re thrilled to announce that RecruitLoop has formed a global alliance partnership with NPA – the Worldwide Recruiting Network. This will help build a stronger global community of expert recruiters and provide organisations internationally with access to our unique ‘elastic’ recruiting model.

2013: Our Year in Review

Winner of Elastic Recruiting Rubber Band Shootout

It’s been a massive year of growth and change at RecruitLoop. I shared this note with our team, investors and advisors. In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share it with our community.

Where to Source Top Technical Talent

Fish where the fish might be

Sourcing technical talent, especially in areas where many software development companies are looking for the same skill set can be… challenging. When everyone is looking for the same thing, the playing field becomes so level there’s just no way to stand out anymore. There are other alternatives, though.

Are CVs and Résumés Dead?

Are CVs and Resumes Dead?

We have a confession to make: We hired our Head of Growth without ever looking at her CV. Were we stupid? Google searches and LinkedIn Profiles are amongst the first things many hiring managers look at. But have they really replaced the traditional résumé?

9 Tools To Help You ‘Stalk’ Candidates (in a non-creepy way)

Stalking candidates

When you’re ‘stalking’ a candidate online, be sure to stay within the bounds of propriety, and don’t be too quick to judge. Look to their online presence to let you know whether they know how to manage an online brand, or look at whether they’re a culture fit. You can even use your ‘stalking’ to validate their claims.

How To Attract a Rockstar Employee

Do you know what a rockstar looks like?

When you want a rockstar employee – a real super star – you need to lift your game. Great employees already have a pretty good deal. They need the right kind of bait dangled in front of them to even consider applying for your job over all the others available (including the one they currently have!).

8 Questions Every Startup CEO Should Ask Before Adding a New Role

Do you need a new hire?

It doesn’t matter at what stage your business is expanding; deciding to bring on a new employee is a monumental decision – particularly if you’re a growing startup.  Bringing on a new employee not only changes your bank balance, it affects the day-to-day culture of business activities and the future direction of your team. 

Your 10 Step Checklist for Getting New Hires up to Speed


The importance of professionally on-boarding every new employee cannot be underestimated. After all, a bad first experience can ruin a new job for anyone. Here are 10 best practices to ensure any new employees are made to feel welcome and are oriented as quickly as possible.

Introducing Elastic Recruiting

Elastic Recruiting

Fundamentally, Elastic Recruiting is expert recruiters, on demand, billed hourly. These expert independent (read: rockstar) recruiters will help you with as little or as much of the recruitment process as you need, and you won’t have to pay an astronomical fee to get the right candidates in the door.

Presentation: 101 Hiring Hacks for Startups


Previously, we posted ’88 Hiring Hacks for Startups’ and teamed up with LinkedIn for a joint event on the topic. Now we’ve taken the original list of hacks and the fantastic advice from the event and combined them into one place – 101 Hiring Hacks for Startups!

#MyStartupStory – How RecruitLoop Got Here

RecruitLoop Startup Story Cover image

Have you ever wondered where this crazy idea for billing expert independent recruiters by the hour came from? Or maybe you’re curious about why we split the team and set up shop in San Francisco. Checkout #MyStartupStory to celebrate our 2nd Birthday.