HR At Jawbone: Earning a Seat at the Executive Table


Last week saw the 5th HR 2.0 event held in San Francisco. It's a forum for HR leaders in some of the best-known tech companies to share lessons and insights. Previous speakers include the HR Leads from Pinterest and Andreessen Horowitz. I've attended a few, and we co-hosted the last one at Runway. I've always found it incredibly insightful, and walked away with a deeper … [Read more...]

2013: Our Year in Review

Winner of Elastic Recruiting Rubber Band Shootout

I spent some time over the break reflecting on 2013, which was a fantastic year for RecruitLoop. We’re priming to sprint into another. I shared the note below with our team, investors and advisors. In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to share it with our community. I’ve withheld only a few sensitive numbers and plans. To all our community (recruiters, friends and … [Read more...]

Where to Source Top Technical Talent

Fish where the fish might be

Finding tech talent makes you want to tear your hair out sometimes, doesn’t it? Sourcing technical talent, especially in areas where many software development companies are looking for the same skill set can be… challenging. When everyone is looking for the same thing, the playing field becomes so level there’s just no way to stand out anymore. LinkedIn’s dominance in the … [Read more...]

Are CVs and Résumés Dead?

Are CVs and Resumes Dead?

We have a confession to make: We hired our Head of Growth without ever looking at her CV. Were we stupid? Clearly not. She’s brilliant. Perfect for the job. We stalked her on LinkedIn, found her on Twitter and then devoured her blog. These three platforms combined gave us enough of an idea to know that we wanted to meet her… and the rest, as they say, is history. Are we … [Read more...]

9 Tools To Help You ‘Stalk’ Candidates (in a non-creepy way)

Stalking candidates

It’s no secret that there’s a host of information available on the internet that can assist hiring managers to discover more about their potential new hires. While not everyone is as happy about it as recruiters & hiring managers, candidates have accepted the reality that their public online information will be accessed at some point during the hiring process. Searching … [Read more...]

How To Attract a Rockstar Employee

Do you know what a rockstar looks like?

What’s the secret to hiring a rockstar employee? You know the one: a motivated, talented team member with the right culture fit who will come alongside your vision and work with you to make amazing things happen. Can’t be that hard, right? Attracting a new employee may sound like a simple task. Put up an advertisement, filter through the resumes, conduct a few interviews and … [Read more...]

8 Questions Every Startup CEO Should Ask Before Adding a New Role

Do you need a new hire?

It doesn’t matter at what stage your business is expanding; deciding to bring on a new employee is a monumental decision. Particularly if you’re a growing startup.  Bringing on a new employee not only impacts your burn rate, it affects the day-to-day culture and future direction of your team.  It may even move you further away from the things you truly enjoy, as the business … [Read more...]

Your 10 Step Checklist for Getting New Hires up to Speed


It’s like they forgot you started work today or something. The receptionist had no idea who you were and now you’re waiting in the lobby like a customer for your manager to introduce you as the newest employee to join the team. Have you ever had that experience? Arriving all fresh and ready to go for your first day at an important new job and … the manager is late to … [Read more...]

Introducing Elastic Recruiting

Elastic Recruiting

Today, we’re excited to introduce Elastic Recruiting - expert hiring support that stretches with your needs and budget. Fundamentally, Elastic Recruiting is expert recruiters, on demand, billed hourly. These expert independent (read: rockstar) recruiters will help you with as little or as much of the recruitment process as you need, and you won’t have to pay an astronomical fee … [Read more...]

Presentation: 101 Hiring Hacks for Startups


Previously, we posted 88 Hiring Hacks for Startups and got to do a great joint event on Hiring Hacks. Now we’ve taken the original list of hacks and the fantastic advice from the event and combined them into one place - 101 Hiring Hacks for Startups! Check it out: 101 #HiringHacks for Startups from RecruitLoop Our #HiringHacks include great things like… We … [Read more...]